What we do


Collect high quality
real-world data for
chronic diseases
ongoing clinical routine
and retro-/ prospective

  • How to create valid synthetic patients (digital twins) to support various use cases?
  • How can we support NTD and payers in validating RWD for reimbursement purposes?
  • Support pharma to run PASS and collect/report relevant safety information for EMA

Convince regulators, payers and other stakeholders to achieve better outcomes with real world evidence.

RWE for Regulatory, pharma & medical community

Exploit the combination of valuable data, deep experience and business knowledge to support diverse stakeholders across drug lifecycle with useful insights.

  • How to improve costs effectiveness model for HEOR – i.e. more granular cost of progression
  • How do certain sub-populations respond / non-respond to drug?
  • What evidence will help to gain trust with doctors (e.g. RCT pop vs RW pop, relative effectiveness)
  • How to validate new digital endpoints in RW?
  • Connect individual registries and increase overall data availability through European networks

Make use of RWE from cheap secondary data sources to inform decision making.

RWD use for predictive healthcare

Provide data-driven functionalities as part of a digital health platform
for disease
management & medical decision-making

  • How can we make doctor’s life easier through digital tools while improving quality of care?
  • How can DESTINY help to make prescription an easy and convenient process?
  • Can we find certain surrogates to influence long term progression?

Achieve holistic disease management and better outcomes for patients through predictive healthcare

Partnering with academia to advance research

Partnering with academia fosters an environment of creativity,  drives innovation and provides credibility to the medical and scientific community

  • How can we help academia to research new digital therapeutic?
  • How to commercialise and implement excellent research results and make it accessible to doctors and patients in clinical routine?
  • Move science forward through academic collaborations and method development

Gain access to a unique platform and data to drive research initiatives in healthcare.


Development of personalized health applications / innovations

Maximizing health outcomes through providing personalized & real-world data based digital healthcare solutions for doctors & patients. Either as medical decision support or digital therapeutic.

Epidemiological Forecasting Data Analytics & Disease Models

Transparent reporting of disease and subgroup prevalence & incidence. Development of long term disease burden models.


Where strategy meets methodology.
Integrated development, medical
and health outcomes planning to meet the
complex needs of multiple stakeholders.


Crystallising research questions. Mapping optimal sources of data. Descriptive and predictive analytics of clinical trial data and real world data.

Therapeutic Area

Thanks to our close relationship to the disease registry NeuroTransData, our team has dedicated knowhow (>6 years of experience) in working with data and stakeholders in neuroscience – including but not limited to MS, Migraine, Alzheimers, Parkinson, Epilepsy, Depression, Schizophrenia and more.

For more information, see also www.neurotransdata.com

Development of personalized
health applications / innovations

Case Studies


Some joint publications with our partner NeuroTransData since 2017


Wehrle, K.; Tozzi, V.; Braune, S.; Roßnagel, F.; Dikow, H.; Paddock, S.; Bergmann, A.; van Hoevell, P. (2022):
Implementation of a data control framework to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of high-quality real-world data (RWD) in the NeuroTransData (NTD) registry.
JAMIA Open. 5(1): S.1-9.
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Peikert, A.; Stühler, E.; Tozzi, V.; Köchling, M.; Israel-Willner, H.; Dikow, H.; Rossnagel, F.; Braune, S.; Bergmann, A. (2021).
Two years of guideline-oriented migraine therapy with Erenumab under the regulatory conditions of the healthcare system in Germany. Berlin, Deutschland: ePoster für „19th International Headache Congress (IHC) & 15th European Headache Federation Congress“, 06.-12.09.2021
[Read More]

Bergmann, A.; Stangel, M.; Weih, M.; van Hövell, P.; Braune, S.; Köchling, M.; Roßnagel, F. (2021).
Development of registry data to create interactive doctor-patient platforms for personalized patient care, taking the example of the DESTINY system (DatabasE-assiSted Therapy decIsioN support sYstem).
Frontiers in Digital Health, Vol. 3.
[Read More]


Braune S.; Heer Y.; Tozzi V.; van Hoevell P.; Muros-Le Rouzic E.; Dirks P.; Bergmann A.; NTD Study Group (2020):
Real-world experience with Ocrelizumab in the German NeuroTransData Registry.
Washington, USA: ePoster für “Congress of the European Committee for Treatment and research in multiple sclerosis (ECTRIMS)”, 09.09. – 11.09.2020
[Read More]


Braune, S.; Grimm, S.; van Hövell, P.; Freudensprung, U.; Pellegrini, F.; Hyde, R.; Bergmann, A. (2018):
Comparative effectiveness of delayed-release dimethyl fumarate versus interferon, glatiramer acetate, teriflunomide, or fingolimod: results from the German NeuroTransData registry.
Journal of Neurology, Ref.: Ms. No. JOON-D-18-00660R1.
[Read More]


We are looking for employees who are passionate about what they do, who want to make a difference and are willing to set and achieve common goals. We appreciate if you approach challenges with curiosity and openness and if want to be part of an open and team spirit culture. We offer you a variety of opportunities to solve important problems in society. Develop yourself in your own way and achieve great things – together with us. Find out more about opportunities at rewoso.

About Us

We are an experienced team of mathematicians, statisticians, epidemiologists, system biologists and computer scientists who are passionate about developing new innovative (digital) solutions in healthcare and solving evidence challenges from a range of perspectives. As well as having deep-seated scientific knowledge, our people are commercially aware, creative and solution-focused in their approach.

At rewoso, our mission is to maximize health outcomes through providing personalized & real-world data based healthcare solutions for doctors & patients.
To achieve this goal, we will continue to collaborate with forward-thinking clients who believe that delivering a robust, compelling and evolving evidence base to external stakeholders is the main route to achieving patient benefits and securing business goals

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